Lavalier Microphones

・ Overcomes digital transmitter RFI
・ Water Resistant
・ Durable Design
・ Great Clear and Rich Sound
・ 4 Color Choices
・ Improved Moisture Resistance
・ Original Vertical Diaphragm Design
・ Optimized for the Human Voice
Lavalier Microphones

Headworn Microphones

・ Same capsule as COS-11D
・ Very stable both ears hands free microhone
・ Two colors beige and cocoa
・ Microphone position can be changed left and right
・ Stainless,very strong for rust
Headworn Microphones

Shotgun Microphones

Mono and MS Stereo Shotguns
Shotgun Microphones

Studio Microphones

  • Two way capsule microphone
  • 100kHz super wide range microphone
  • Stereo Microphones
  • Studio Microphones

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