Stereo Windshield WS AC XY/MS Kit


Product Code: 086044

Stereo Windshield WS AC XY/MS Kit is suitable for Schoeps CCM microphones and Sennheiser MKH 8040/50 microphones. It features a half-module bar with traditional hoop & band suspension plus an adjustable XY/MS rig with 21mm clips.

Main Benefits:

  • Versatile system for XY and MS configurations
  • Durable, small and light-weight system appropriate for compact condenser microphones
  • Complete system with shock mount and variable levels of wind isolation


This Windshield Kit features a Suspension setup for XY/MS stereo arrangement with two compact condenser microphones in an AC Windshield features the traditional metal hoop and rubber band arrangement with an adjustable XY/MS mount allowing four different angle positions for the microphones. The mount is suspended centrally in the hoop via the four rubber O rings.
289 077 Ft
(227 620 Ft excl VAT)