Schoeps CB 250 "IRT Cross" Mounting Bar for 4 CCM microphones


The IRT microphone cross is an arrangement for ambient recording. Its primary characteristic is a transparent and spacious rendering of the acoustic environment. It is useful as a four-channel arrangement for room tone (for example in combination with the OCT surround system).
The setup can also be used for full surround (e.g. 360° cinema sound recording) or for other playback arrangements in which the speakers are placed in the four corners of a square.

  • for ambient recording
  • transparent and spacious rendering of the acoustic environment


The CB 250 is the version which more closely
approximates the theoretical ideal, while the CB 200 is the original, somewhat smaller version.

Application Notes

CB 200 in use with four CCM 4 compact microphones (cardioids) and B 5 D windscreens
82 817 Ft
(65 210 Ft excl VAT)