Cyclone Windshield Kit, Medium


Product Code: 089102

Cyclone, Medium premium windshield system for shotgun and short shotgun mics. Features grey 3D-Tex® material, “multi-suspension” with Lyre® Technology for transparent, category leading wind and shock isolation. Perfect for Sennheiser MKH 416, Schoeps CMIT 5 etc.

Main Benefits:

  • Superb acoustic transparency - the open shell structure with no parallel surfaces greatly reduces room-tone effects & provides a clean frequency response;
  • Massive wind noise reduction - asymmetric basket covered with 3D-Tex® material provides enormous benefits in terms of surface turbulence & acoustic impedance. An optional Cyclone Windjammer can be used for the most extreme weather conditions;
  • Advanced shock isolation - with industry-leading Rycote Lyre® microphone suspension and exclusive Floating Basket Suspension (Pat. Pending) with built-in Lyre technology, for additional vibration isolation between basket and pole;
  • Quick & Easy - unique Z-Locking System with magnetic locking for instant windshield removal/attachment;
  • Lightweight, durable construction & materials - to withstand extreme field use.
Brand URL : http://www.rycote.com/microphone-windshield-shock-mount/cyclone/
313 207 Ft
(246 620 Ft excl VAT)
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