5cm Classic-Softie Kit (19/22)


Product Code: 033312

The Softie Windshield Kit includes a Softie Windshield, Lyre shock-mount and Pistol-grip. Together this system provides a quick, simple, robust and cost effective windshield and shock-mount for the tough environment of modern day ENG and location recording.

Main Benefits:

  • Cost effective windshielding which is tough enough to endure ENG and location recording
  • Simple to use standard in world wide in TV
  • High quality windshielding and shockmounting for an affordable price
61 913 Ft
(48 750 Ft excl VAT)
5 5 1 Product

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29 718 Ft
(23 400 Ft excl VAT)

5cm Classic-Softie (19/22)
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