Schoeps A2P CCM Polarflex Mount for two CCM


The Polarflex mount A2P CCM offers an elegant solution to realize the Polarflex technique. It using the two standard CCM microphones CCM 2 (_/S/H) and CCM 8.

  • suitable suspension for Polarflex
  • Based on the SCHOEPS Polarflex technique that was presented for the first time in 1998
  • A Polarflex reference setup consists of the microphones CCM 2, CCM 8 and the Polarflex Plug-in
  • Create novel polar patterns, create novel sound characteristics that elsewhere don´t exist
  • Optimally suited e.g. as a vocal microphone or as a stereo spot microphone pair on the piano
  • Tune the sound after/while recording
  • corresponding Plug-in is available for free
39 573 Ft
(31 160 Ft excl VAT)
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