B3MCLIP Magnetic Lavalier Clip for B3 or EMW Microphones - White


B3MCLIP Magnetic Lavalier Clip - White

Styled in white, the B3MCLIP Magnetic Lavalier Clip is used with the Countryman B3 or EMW Omnidirectional Lavalier microphone. It offers a two-piece design best utilized in conjunction with cloth and other soft surfaces; as such, it is very well suited for ties. The inner piece of the clip sports a clear, nylon lanyard for hooking over buttons in a shirt, making retrieving and unfastening the mic an easier process. The clip will blend in nicely with black materials and, as it uses a magnetic design, will effectively eliminate the need for pins. Consequently, it will greatly hide the appearance of the microphone, making it ideal for use in television, film, and other scenarios in which mic concealment is important.

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