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Loudness Quality Logger (Masterclass PlugIns Series):

Logging console for Windows® OS to collect Loudness and True Peak data of multiple TM7, TMR7, and TM9 with Logging Data Server licence SW20014 activated. Two-stage definition of limits to generate various alarms, status overview of connected  devices. The software is available for free at members area of RTW's website (Support/Manuals & Soft-ware) under "PC Software/LQL – Loudness Quality Logger"

--- Precondition: Licence SW20014 is installed on each connected TouchMonitor ---

Main Benefits:

  • Logging console for Windows® OS based PC's
  • Timecode or realtime based collection of Loudness and TruePeak data of various TM7, TMR7, or TM9 units
  • A maximum of two audio groups with Logging instrument on each device can be connected (precondition: licence SW20014 is activated)
  • Data collection via IP connection or from external USB memory devices
  • Status overview of connected units and audio groups (main window)
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