Software licence: Premium PPM plus Vectorscope for Touch-Monitor TM7 (20700, 20700OEM), TM9 (20900, 20900OEM),and TMR7 (TMR7, TMR7OEM)

This module expands the Basic Stereo PPM (standard software) with additional scales (Zoom, SMPTE, NHK, ARD+9, et al.), additional display modes (segment, classic), and PPM/VU moving coil instruments with different scales and functions. It also provides up to four 2-channel Audio Vectorscopes and a separate phase meter.
With software module SW20001 installed, the Multichannel PPM is also extended with these functions and enhanced with the Multi-Correlator (up to 10 phase meters). The Gain Reduction is added with Multi-Channel mode.

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