SW50300 - USB Connect

sw50300 usb connect

SW50300 - USB Connect:

RTW USB Connect (software expansion in connection with TM3-Primus, TM3-Pri-2U with firmware version 1-02 or higher) USB Connect supports the USB hybrid function of TM3-Primus for direct access of audio signals from a DAW. Additionally, USB Connect provides remote control of the Start/Stop/Reset functions without the need todefine TM3-Primus as a standard audio output device. The complimentary software is available for download at members area of RTW's website (Support/Manuals & Software) under "PC Software/RTW USB Connect" afterlogin. It can be operated as a PlugIn within a DAW or as Stand-alone application. Supported formats: most of the common plug-in formats for Mac® and Windows® systems.

--- Precondition: RTW Primus USB Audio Driver v3.34.0 or higher is installed on Windows® systems (also availableat members area)! ---

Main Benefits:

  • Monitoring and metering at the same time.
  • Plug-in operation for a direct audio connection between DAW and MM3 MusicMeter via USB Connect.
  • Direct access of Stereo or 5.1 audio signals from the DAW.
  • No need to define MM3 MusicMeter as standard audio output device in the computer system.
  • Remote control of start/stop/reset functions, time scale of Chart instrument, and reference of RTA of the directly connected MM3 MusicMeter via plug-in.
  • Start/stop/reset loudness functions can be linked to the DAW transport cursor.
  • Stand-alone operation for monitoring and metering of audio signals without DAW.
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