A-Ray Surround Sound Microphone Suspension Set

The Ambient A-Ray Surround Sound Microphone Support System is a unique, five-axis microphone mounting system designed for 5.1 microphone placement and capturing. The A-Ray features five telescoping carbon fiber tubes that are attached to swivel joints with adjustable toothed mounting flanges. All tubes attach to the aluminum central bar and enable varied distance and angles between microphones. A support node is mounted on the central bar for placement onto boom poles and hanging applications. The entire system is an ideal solution for surround microphone placement in feature film, sound design application and much more.

Main Benefits:

  • Accommodates Up To Five Microphones
  • Flexible Microphone Placement and Positioning
  • Locked Secure Joints
596 075 Ft
(469 350 Ft nettó)
5 5 1 Product