Boom Adaptor w/Lever & XLR Holder MkIII


Product Code: 042276

The Boom Adapter with Ratchet Lever from Rycote enables the Modular suspension to be mounted onto boompoles and fishpoles. It features a brass 3/8"-16 female thread for complete integration with the studs located on the poles.

 Main Benefits:

  • Fits between 3/8" male threaded boom pole or mic stand and 3/8" female microphone shock-mount or windshield system
  • Stronger design with innovative material
  • XLR won't click out (closed clamp)
  • Can also hold plug-on transmitter
  • It is not specific to the boom adapter, so it can be used with other mounts
13 018 Ft
(10 250 Ft nettó)
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