IFB200 IFB audio, timecode & remote control transceiver


IFB200 IFB audio, timecode & remote contorl transceiver

The IFB200 can be used as either a transmitter or receiver.  As a transmitter, it sends IFB audio, timecode and remote control commands to our TRX digital recording wireless transmitters and ERX receivers.  It can also be used to monitor audio from a QRX or any other ZaxNet transmitter.  The signals are carried on a single RF channel over a 2.4 GHz signal and can be used license-free in almost every country with an IFB audio range of approximately 100 feet and an IFB timecode and remote control range of approximately 400 feet.

Honlap :
548 640 Ft
(432 000 Ft nettó)
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