QSM boom pole with straight cable installed, mono XLR-3-pin

The QSM-SCM Mini Premium Boom Pole from Ambient Recording is handmade layer by layer out of pre-preg carbon fiber with four segments designed to be stiff, yet lightweight and well balanced at the same time. The QSM-SCM comes with a 3-pin mono XLR straight ultra-thin cable. Beside the tubes, there's a screwlock design for better grip when working with gloves. An extension (sold separately) can quickly be added as a 5th segment and gives an extra boost in length for wide, large crowd shots without the weight when not in use.

Main Benefits:

  • Handmade layer by layer out of pre-preg carbon fiber
  • Internal 3-pin Mono XLR straight ultra-thin Cable
  • Stiff & Well-Balanced
265 633 Ft
(209 160 Ft nettó)
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