Schoeps MSTC 74 U


Schoeps MSTC 74 U


The MSTC is particularly impressive in that it usually also gives very good results without spot microphones. In addition, its placement is relatively unimportant, making it suitable for the rather inexperienced or hasty user. Set-up is quick and easy, because only a single stand and cable are required and the capsule distance and the offset angle of the capsules to each other don’t need be adjusted.

At the output of the MSTC 74 is an XLR-5M plug to which e.g. the stereophonic cable KS 5 U, or the breakout AK SU/2U is connected.

1 365 123 Ft
(1 074 900 Ft nettó)
5 5 1 Product

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Schoeps MSTC 7 U
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