V-Mount Slot for receivers with UniSlot adaptor

The VSLOT V-Mount Chassis for Slide-In Wireless Receivers by Ambient Recording is for cameras with a 25-pin D-sub, Unislot connector. It can be used to mount two wireless receivers between the camera and battery supply, allowing the power to be looped through to the camera, powering the audio receivers. It features a TA5M jack attached at the bottom, offering two balanced outputs for dual receivers. Dangling cables could become a relic of a day gone by, like bulky oversized power adapters and shoebox-sized cellular phones, thanks to the manufacturing of cables that are customized for almost every camera type. Thanks to the Ambient VSLOT every V-Mount equipped camera can be transformed into a compact ENG camera system. The VSLOT includes a standard VSL-2X3 adapter cable.

Main Benefits:

  • For 25-Pin D-Sub Unislot Connector
  • Mounts Receiver Between Camera, Battery
  • Powers Wireless Receivers
  • TA5M to Two Balanced Outputs Cables
  • Adapter Cable is Included
126 022 Ft
(99 230 Ft nettó)
5 5 3 Product