Bubblebee Industries

Windbubble (Twin) - Lav Size 4, Black


The Twin Windbubbles from Bubblebee Industries is a set of two miniature imitation-fur windscreens that easily fit on lavalier microphones with a diameter of 0.3 to 0.5" (8 to 13mm). The tiny elastic-wire legs make it easy to mount them on the microphones. They can be used to reduce wind noise and vocal plosives in outdoor environments, and are designed to not fall off during use. Examples of compatible microphone models for this windscreen include the Sanken COS-11 (with large metal windscreen), DPA 4060 with metal windscreen and Sennheiser ME4 with windshield.

15 665 Ft
(12 335 Ft nettó)
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