Windshield Kit, 416


Product Code: 010324

An industry standard for a variety of professional recording situations in broadcast, radio and television, Sennheiser’s MKH 416 shotgun microphone deserves the best wind and handling noise protection available.

That’s why we designed the Windshield Kit, 416. Featuring our genuine, patented Lyre® technology, Rycote basket windshield, premium short XLR connectors (incorporated from our advanced Cyclone® range) and professional-quality Mogami cable, it’s perfect for the Sennheiser MKH 416.*

*Also suitable for other shotgun microphones up to 250mm in length, & between 19 and 25mm in diameter.

Main Benefits:

  • Designed and optimised for key industry microphones
  • Exceptional value without compromising on quality
245 047 Ft
(192 950 Ft nettó)
5 5 5 Product