Zoom H1 Mini Windjammer & Foam


Product Code: 055410

The Rycote Mini Windjammer with Foam Windscreen for Zoom H1 is a set that includes a foam windscreen and a lined slip-on fur cover designed for use with the Zoom H1 digital recorder. The set offers a windshield rating of medium, which provides a 30dB reduction from the effects of high wind gust noise and vocal plosives. The foam windscreen fits over the H1's integrated mics, while the Mini Windjammer fits over the foam windscreen. A touch-fastener strap secures the Windjammer in place.

Main Benefits:

  • 30dB of Wind Noise Reduction
  • Protects Against Vocal Plosives
  • Fits Over Integrated Mics
  • Touch-Fastener Strap
  • Works with the Zoom H1 recorder
  • Reduces wind noise and plosives by up to 30dB
  • Foam windscreen fits over the recorder's microphones, and the Mini Windjammer fits over the foam windscreen
  • Convenient strap keeps the windjammer secure
15 621 Ft
(12 300 Ft nettó)
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