Schoeps A 20 S rugalmas tartó, feszesebb változat, 20/21mm


The A 20 is recommended when only the CMC microphone amplifier and a capsule are used, and maximum protection from vibration is desired, for example, on a boom.

  • for a microphone with 20 or 21 mm diameter (e.g. CMC and CMBI or CMIT)


When accessories such as the CUT filters, GVC or S 250 Cg are added to the microphone, the stiffer elastics of the A 20 S are required.
The base has a 5/8"-27 NS internal thread with adapter for 3/8" and 1/2" included.
A special clamp secures the microphone cable. This is necessary with the A 20 and advantageous with the A 20 S.
The microphone can be tilted to any angle.

Model upgrading (2008):
metal housing and robust and non-scratching plastic clamp

27 203 Ft
(21 420 Ft nettó)