Bubblebee Industries

Windbubble (Single) - Lav Size 4, Brown


The Windbubble Miniature Imitation-Fur Windscreen from Bubblebee Industries is a professional-grade, yet straightforward concept in microphone wind-noise suppression. The Windbubbles are miniature windscreens that are directly aimed at wind-noise suppression for lavalier microphones. They consist of a layer of imitation fur with space in between the capsule and material. They are available in 4 different sizes, and this version accommodates microphones with a diameter of 8 to 13mm (0.31 to 0.51"). Examples of compatible microphone models for this windscreen include the Sanken COS-11 (with large metal windscreen), DPA 4060 with metal windscreen and Sennheiser ME4 with windshield.

9 906 Ft
(7 800 Ft nettó)
5 5 3 Product