Coiled mixer/camera loom, Hirose 10-pin to Hirose 10-pin

The Hirose 10-Pin Male to Hirose 10-Pin Female Coiled Breakaway Cable from Ambient Recording is a quick-release cable for connecting specific field mixers to video or film cameras. The coiled cable reaches from over four feet when at rest, all the way to over sixteen feet when extended. The cable features a 10-pin Hirose male connector on one end, and a 10-pin Hirose female one at the other. The cable can be used with any breakout cable adapter (Y-cable) that features a Hirose 10-pin male connector.

Main Benefits:

  • For Sound Devices 442/442N, 552, SQN4 (old designs), Cooper CS104, TW Electronic LP44/LP4 32
62 014 Ft
(48 830 Ft nettó)
5 5 1 Product